Formed in 1976 as a sole proprietorship firm, Mehmet Nazif Günal was incorporated in 1983 as Günal, Inc. and specializes today in tourism investments, such as hotels and resort villages, and in the construction of challenging and prestigious buildings such as business and commercial centers as well as service buildings. Günal, Inc., which has also put its signature on a number of large irrigation systems and dam construction projects, operates primarily in the contracting sector as well as being a contractor, investor and operator in the tourism sector. Günal, Inc., has completed all the projects it has undertaken to date on time and at the desired level of quality.

A company that keeps up with the latest developments in the contracting sector, Günal Inc. is continuously developing and renewing itself. A company that employs the latest technology at every level, it also benefits from the powerful and ongoing support of the other specialized firms in the MNG Group of Companies.

The company, which boasts the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, also holds the ISO 14001 environment management and OHSAS 18001 health and job safety system quality certificates.

Some of the large-scale projects completed by GÜNAL, INC. include the Ankara Hilton Hotel, the Izmir Hilton Hotel, Göynük Sultansaray Hotel, Side-İber Hotel, WOW Topkapı Palace, WOW World Palace, Günal Trade Center, Dikmen Valley Residences, Ankara Halkbankası Headquarters, Erzincan Military Hospital, Gaziantep Waste Water Treatment Plant, Kralkızı Dam and the - HPP Project.


Mapa Construction and Trade, Inc., was formed in 1978. One of two principal contracting firms in the MNG Group of Companies, MAPA, INC. is a firm that specializes in infrastructure projects.

With experience and expertise in large-scale construction projects like the construction of thermal power plants, highways, bridges and tunnels, industrial plants, irrigation systems, dams and hydroelectric power plants, waste water and drinking water treatment plants, and reinforced concrete silos, Mapa Inc. provides general contracting services as well as offering contracting services in a number of areas in the construction sector in Turkey.

MAPA INC. is also active abroad with offices in Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Qatar, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

MAPA INC.`s volume of business in 2013 is approaching the 8,00 billion USD, and the company has already completed and turned over a 3,80-billion-USD portion of the projects it has undertaken to their owners, on time and at the desired level of quality.

Some of the major projects completed by Mapa Inc. in Turkey include construction of Kralkızı Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant and Ikizcetepeler Dam, the Tekirdağ-Bandırma, Izmir-İskenderun-Derince Harbor Silos and the Izmir-Tahtalı, Gaziantep, Diyarbakır, Istanbul-Yeni Emirli Drinking Water Treatment Plants, as well as construction of the Topboğazı-Antakya Highway, the Çorum-Sungurlu Highway, the Trabzon Coast Road and the Çayeli-Hopa Highway, Reşadiye I,II,III, Hamzalı, Aralık, Pirinçli Hydroelectric Power Plants.  Some of the company`s major projects completed outside the country include the Sidi-Lahdjel Drinking Water Treatment Plant (Algeria), the Gorna Waste Water Treatment Plant (Bulgaria) and the Elbasan-Librazhd Highway Project (Albania).


MNG Esmas Inc. is a company that provides engineering and contracting services in electrical power and electronics. As a firm specialized in the electrification, automation and instrumentation of business centers, hotels and resort villages, hospitals, power plants, transformer stations, energy transmission lines, pumping stations, water treatment plants, grain silos, conveyor systems and factories, as well as electrical infrastructure and low voltage systems for multi-story buildings and mass housing projects, it offers turnkey project preparation, consulting and implementation services.


MNG TESISAT INC. is an engineering and contracting firm that provides project development and installation of process systems such as air conditioning, heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing, fire extinguishing and control, building automation, kitchen and laundry facilities and medical gas systems as well as water purification and chemical processing in buildings of all kinds, including housing, hotels, resort villages, commercial and shopping centers and industrial plants.


MNG Zemtaş Inc. has been serving its Turkish and foreign customers for close to twenty years with geotechnical projects, studies and consulting as well as foundation engineering services. The firm`s areas of activity include geotechnical projects and consulting services, foundation engineering solutions and applications, vibrex and pile driving services to any depth and for any diameter, prestressed ground anchorage and passive anchorage systems and micro piling and jet-grouting ground reinforcement systems.

Construction and Contracting

With their wide-ranging experience and expertise, the MNG Group`s construction and contracting firms are active today in construction and infrastructure projects of all kinds both in Turkey and abroad. Some of these include high-rise buildings, shopping and commercial centers, hotels, resort villages, industrial plants, dams and hydroelectric power plants, irrigation systems, tunnels, highways, concrete silos, waste water and drinking water treatment plants, and ground stabilization and piling works.

Part of the MNG Group of Companies, GÜNAL, INC, and MAPA, INC. are the Group`s two principal firms providing construction services at world standards. Both firms have undertaken major and large-scale building and infrastructure projects.

Working with private and public sector customers, MAPA and GÜNAL have contributed to the growth of local economies through their projects, improving living standards for individuals as well as societies.

The MNG Group of Companies also includes companies that are specialized in the areas of geotechnical and piling works and mechanical-electrical system installation projects, as well as architectural design services.

Below are some of the MNG Group`s firms that operate in the construction and contracting sectors: